Due to rapid legislative change that occurred in the property market all areas of the property industry has been affected. This includes planning and development, landlord and tenant rights, eviction laws, transfer duties, deeds registrations and mun

Rafeek Hendricks & Associates attend to all types of civil or criminal litigation arising out of the Magistrate Court, Regional Court and High Court. Such litigation includes, but is not limited to; Disputes relating to property (arrear

Representing the legal interest of businesses and business owners is one of the pillars of Rafeek Hendricks & Associates. Establishing and operating a business in South Africa can be very complex. Our firm works closely with our clients to und

Insolvency Law is primarily governed by the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936. The Insolvency Act governs the sequestration of Trust, Partnerships and Estates of individuals that are insolvent. Our services include, but are not limited to; Attend

Labour Law governs the relationship between the employer and an employee in both the private and public sectors. We act on behalf of either employer or employee in all sectors. Our services include, but are not limited to; Advice and draw

At Rafeek Hendricks & Associates, we provide advice and representation in all areas of Family Law, including, but not limited to; Divorce; Property Division; Spousal Maintenance; Child Maintenance; Parenti

The preparation of Wills, formation of Trust and Estate planning and the Administration of Deceased Estates require a specialised skill and insight which we are proud to offer our clients at Rafeek Hendricks & Associates. Keeping abreast of devel

The execution of notarial documents is reserved for notaries public who are attorneys that are specifically qualified to authenticate documents, draft and execute specialist legal documents and perform wide ranging administrative functions.  

As a young, dynamic and well respected law firm, Rafeek Hendricks & Associates have the privilege to act as a correspondent for a number of large firms across the country. We are situated on Imam Haroun Street in Claremont, Cape Town and there

Our goal is to guide you to a positive legal outcome. If we don’t achieve that goal, you will not pay a cent. This ensures that you are protected and costs are not incurred unnecessarily. The matters we take on this basis are; Road

Our pro bono work is one of the most rewarding initiatives we involved in. Our main reason is that this allows us to provide high quality legal assistance and equal access to Justice for the low income people. PRO-BONO: - Legal Aid