Due to rapid legislative change that occurred in the property market all areas of the property industry has been affected. This includes planning and development, landlord and tenant rights, eviction laws, transfer duties, deeds registrations and municipal services. At Rafeek Hendricks & Associates we offer innovative solutions to each circumstance in the market, whether from a legal or commercial perspective.
Acting as a role player in the property and real estate industry, we offer our collective expertise. We specialise in all aspects of commercial property transactions, conveyancing, and property development in urban, commercial, coastal, agricultural and residential areas. Our service also includes advice on cluster and sectional title developments, development agreements, building contracts, leases, options and sales and purchases agreements.
We have also started a big drive to ensure we structure a transaction aimed at previously disadvantaged individuals to acquire ownership of properties or property ventures.
Tax implications of property transactions are comprehensively addressed, as are the property aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Where disputes arise, the firms’ litigation team will ensure that disputes are efficiently and effectively resolved.
Our Service includes, but is not limited to;
  • Commercial Property Transactions;
  • Sectional Title Management;
  • Legislative and regulatory advise;
  • Conveyancing;
  • Advise on Property developments in all areas;
  • Lease Agreements;
  • Development Agreements;
  • Sale and Purchases Agreement;
  • Water Law;
  • Finance and Security transactions;
  • Building Contracts; and
  • Litigation and dispute resolutions.